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Selling Your Home
To ensure a sale of your property the following tried and tests tips may help.
First Impressions:
The first viewing makes a big impression so the following is a must: .
Gardens - Mow lawns and Weed the flowerbeds
Paths - Swept and Clean
Windows - have them sparkling
Doors - Clean and Painted.
Back Entrance/Yard - Spotless with lidded refuse bins etc.
Sheds - Get rid of the junk so that you have a nice tidy space

Declutter - Get rid of excess furniture and ornaments. Rooms will look more spacious. Tidy any trailing wires etc.
Too many family photos? Store them away.
Carpets and Floors - Vacuumed /Washed.
Bathrooms - Toilets Sinks Showers etc must sparkle. Get rid of mildewed Shower curtains. Shampoo bottles etc - store tidily in press. Hang your luxury towels. Bowls of Pot Pourri are a nice touch.
Bedrooms - Beds made and rooms tidy. - Absolutely no clothes or shoes thrown around. Children's' Bedroom - toys can be stored neatly in a coloured box.
Kitchen - all appliances spotless. Worktops clutter free. Walls may benefit from a paint job.
Spare Room - if you have a spare room full of junk, empty it out. It will offer more appeal as another bedroom or study.
Paint jobs - if you feel that a room would look better with a fresh coat of paint stick to a neutral colour.

Viewings - It is preferable that the vendor does not remain in the house for the viewing. It is the Auctioneers brief to sell the house so leave it to him. If you do intend to remain in the house please send other family members and any pets out for a few hours. Too many distractions on potential purchasers can be off putting. Valuables - please remove any small valuables and put into a locked press.