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Buying your home
Welcome to our web site. We hope that you can find a suitable property amongst the many types listed. In the event that you do not see what you want please email us your requirements and we will add you to our mailing list. You will be advised immediately when a property, which suits your criteria, comes on our books.

For the First Time Buyer the process can be daunting but we here at Joseph A Mellett Ltd will assist you in what ever you require. The following points may answer some of your questions.

  • The Buyer is not liable for any Auctioneers Fees.
  • A Booking deposit is made to secure the property. This deposit is fully refundable should you change you mind before signing the contract of sale.
  • Contracts - when signing the contract you pay 10% of the purchase price and you are then legally bound to complete the sale
  • If you are buying a site/property subject to planning permission this condition is entered into the contract of sale. If permission is refused you can opt out of the purchase.
  • A solicitor must be used to act for you in checking the title and registering the property. You will be liable for their fees and we advise that you obtain an estimate from a few firms. Your Solicitor will also advise you on any mortgage conditions.
  • Valuations and Surveys. If you are getting a mortgage the financial institution will require a valuation of the property. This is not a survey of the property. You will need to get an Engineer to carry out a survey of the property for you - especially if you are buying an older type property. Again you can check out the local firms and get a few estimates for the survey. Ask your mortgage provider what local engineers carry out their valuations. Save money and get the local engineer to do the valuation on behalf of the bank and the survey on your behalf in one visit to the property.
  • Closing a Sale - the process takes about six weeks minimum for a standard sale unless a different time scale is requested by the buyer or seller. If the purchase is subject to planning permission the process will take a minimum of 3 months
Building your own Home.

This is a great way to get the type of house you really want though everyone says it takes at least 3 houses before you get it really right.

Drive around the local area and see the newly built properties. Word of mouth and another persons experience will give you the best information. Choose a good Architect/ Engineer who is a member of a professional body and fully insured. Get estimates of fees and sundry costs. The same applies to building firms. You can opt for a building contractor or you can subcontract the work out yourself. The latter option may suit some persons more than others. It can be a longer process but can be cheaper too. Ensure that while the property is under construction you have Public Liability Cover. Your Engineer/Architect will check out estimates for you. They will also need to supervise each stage of the build and certify that each stage is constructed with good building practice and fully compliant with planning.

Stamp Duty
Please see the following tables. Contact us if you have any questions.